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Car Diffuser Pack ~ Fairy Floss

Car Diffuser Pack ~ Fairy Floss

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Let’s set the scene. You jump in your car for your morning commute. Coffee? In hand. Tunes? Cranked.  There’s just one thing missing from this zen party.  In walks Scentopia. The colourful little aromatherapy companion to get you from A to B and back again. Your commute just got an upgrade.

Fun. Feminine. Fairy Floss. The Fairy Floss Car Diffuser Bundle is for the free-spirits who love a little colour in their lives. Easily attach your Fairy Floss Diffuser to your car vent via a rubber clip, and enjoy your ride!

Whats included

1x Scentopia Sunburst essential oil blend

1x Scentopia FSC wood & plant-based acetate car diffuser

2x replacement diffuser rods

1x cardboard gift box.

How to Use

Remove the car diffuser from the box, remove the magnetic lid, apply up to 10 drops of Sunburst Scentopia essential oil blend (or any essential oil of your choice) to the
white diffuser rod.

Wait 30 seconds for the oil to fully absorb, connect the magnetic lid, and then attach to your car vent with rubber clip. Your commute just got an upgrade!

For the best result use with your car fan turned ON.

Refresh scent as needed. Always remove car diffuser from vent before applying oil.


Scent strength is dependent on car temperature, how much oil is applied, and which specific oils are used with the diffuser. 

We advise using only 100% essential oil blends
with your Scentopia car diffuser.

Please remove from car vent and store in box if car is left in extreme heat.


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Scentopia unboxing

  • Reusable & Refillable

    Scentopia car oil diffusers give YOU control over the level of scent and can be refilled as you need.

  • Scentopia signature scent is packed full of 100% plant-based essential oils, creating a fresh, floral scent that evoke calm and tranquillity.

  • Designed in Australia.

    Scentopia is proudly owned, designed & assembled in Australia.

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